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Comfort King Static Dissipative Mats

One of a kind static dissipative mat, anti-fatigue mat. It combines unsurpassed softness, resilience and durability for extraordinary fatigue relief.

Exceptional, abrasive and slip resistant pebble surface that is easy to clean. Extended durability keeps it performing twice as long as typical pebble mats and 3 times longer than ribbed surface products. Resistivity is 109 ohms per square*.

For anti-static applications one grounding cord is needed per 10’.

Corrugated Switchboard Mats

The mat’s surface provides dependable traction underfoot. Non- conductive mat compound material helps prevent electric shock from instruments, machinery or control panels. These mats protect workers around high-voltage fuse boxes, control panels, electrical circuitry and machinery.

  • Specially compounded material with corrugated surface.
  • Non-conductive compound material helps prevent electric shock from
  • Each roll is proof tested at the specified voltage over the entire surface.
  • Flame resistance, ozone resistance, and oil resistance.

Diamond Dek Anti-Fatigue Mat

These Anti-Fatigue Mats reduce worker fatigue and increase safety in industrial environment thanks to its diamond surface that provides a non skid floor for people working on production lines, industrial workstations, workshops, etc.

  • Yellow borders to increase visibility
  • Grease and oil resistant to help prevent slips
  • Durable Vinyl surface resistant to most chemical spills
  • Available without safety border

Grand – Stand Deluxe Salon Mats

These marbleized mats are a 3/32” thick rubber surface permanently bonded to a resilient natural rubber foam base that provides excellent comfort. Grand-Stand Deluxe also features beveled edges on all sides for an added extra measure of safety

  • Thermo set Vulcanized Rubber (SR) features 100% virgin synthetic rubber construction.
  • Beveled edges on all sides for an added extra measure of safety.
  • Resilient natural rubber foam base
  • Available in eighteen colors.

Outdoor entrance logo FLOOR MATS
Jet Print Logo Mats

Custom carpet logo mats (“jet Print Logo Floor Mats”) are ideal for almost any type of business and can be used to display state-of-the-art high quality printing of your logo or business message.

These custom carpet logo mats (“jet Print Logo Floor Mats”) are crafted from precise computer driven Jet Printers to enhance and display a stunning image of your logo.

  • 53-set color palette to choose from
  • High quality durable rubber, Prevents slips and falls
  • Perfect for high traffic areas

Olefin Entrance Mat

Olefin Entrance Mats provide you with a durable, quality product at a value price. These decorative indoor mats are made of 100% continuous filament olefin with a slip and stain-resistant vinyl backing.

  • Chemical-resistant vinyl backing.
  • Continues filament olefin carpet cleans dirt and moisture from shoes.
  • Backing can be used on low pile carpet or hard surface floors.
  • Easy to clean.

anti-fatigue kitchen mats
Rubber Kitchen Mat – Economy and Utility

One of the most popular in the restaurants industry; Our anti fatigue kitchen mats are made from a thick rubber and molded beveled edges on all sides which allows easy access for kitchen carts and other items.

  • Anti-slip surface for a safer work area
  • Approx ½” thick rubber
  • Anti-fatigue for worker comfort and improved productivity
  • Holes to allow liquids and other items to drain rapidly

Comfort King Static Dissipative Mats

The isn’t only the king of comfort, but a great solution to prevent static from harming electronic equipment using your body as an electricity transporter. Its availability in 3 differenet colors makes it versatile to adjust to any décor.

  • It resists up to 109 ohms p/sq.
  • 100% Zedlan TM construction
  • Non-skid surface
  • Safe and comfortable

rubber kitchen mat for restaurants
Commercial Restaurant Mat

The lighter version of our heavier drainage mats ½” thick, yet it offers no compromise in safety and comfort.

  • Unlike other ½” thick rubber
  • Extra thick edges help prevent tearing during handling and cleaning
  • Drain holes allow debris and liquids to pass through mat

Outdoor entrance logo FLOOR MATS
Premium Guard Logo Mats

This custom door mat is perfect for use where there is a lot of foot traffic becase it is crafted with durable and long-lasting fiber material. This custom door mat can also be personalized with your company’s image or logo in stunning visual color giving your business a professional appearance.

  • Constructed for heavy foot traffic.
  • Available in various customize cuts to accommodate any area.
  • Resistant to fading and stains.