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rubber kitchen anti-fatigue mat for restaurants
Premium Heavy Duty Commercial Restaurant mats

The heavy drainage mats 7/8″ thick, offers no compromise in safety and comfort.

  • 7/8″ thick rubber
  • Extra thick edges help prevent tearing during handling and cleaning
  • Drain holes allow debris and liquids to pass through mat

Waterhog Eco Premier and Elite Mats

Just like the Waterhog Grand Premier Mat, the Eco Premier’s surface is made from 100% recycled PET drinking bottles, however its high traction Surface provides a different design for any indoor or outdoor use.

  • Rubber backing is made with up to 20% recycled tires.
  • Water dam ‘border is designed to hold dirt and moisture.
  • More than 15 sizes to choose from.
  • Choose among 8 different colors.

Brush Hog Mats

This mat has a 100% solution-dyed coarse nylon fibres surface, designed to aggressively scrape harmful dirt and moisture from the soles of shoes, Besides, water and liquids drain freely from the flat rubber border on all sides.

  • High-performance 100% solution-dyed nylon surface will not fade in sunlight.
  • Durable 100% rubber backing will not crack or curl.
  • Easy to clean and dries quickly.
  • Choose among 4 different colors.

Bubble Anti-Fatigue Mat

Safety mat is anti-fatigue and reduces discomfort while increasing productivity. Air domes offer flexible and comfortable support, and low-profile beveled edges risk of trips. Perfect for service counters and areas where employee stand for prolonged periods.

  • Made from approximately 50% recycled rubber
  • Air domes provide comfort for legs, feet and black
  • Beveled edges increase safety by helping to prevent trips and falls
  • Available in black color

rubber kitchen mat for restaurants
Heavy Duty Interlocking Mat

An amazing rubber mat that is practical and functional, since its unique “built-in” connecting system keeps the mats tightly connected and eliminates the need for separate hooks.

  • Molded bevel edge adds safety
  • ¾” thick rubber
  • Excellent drainage of liquids and waste
  • Center and End sections easily accommodate any area

Rubber – Scraper Logo Mats

Made for the out-doors. Our custom Rubber Scrapper Logo Floor Mats are ideal for almost any type of business and made up of a high quality durable Nitrile rubber. This allows these types of mats to be cleaned easily on-site.
Our Rubber Scraper Logo Floor Mats have a textured cleared surface to help effectively scrape tough dirt and grime off of shoes; Combined with Nitrile Rubber this mat is the ultimate non-slip surface for maximum protection.

  • Outdoor or Indoor Use.
  • Weather Resistant.
  • No color limit.
  • High quality durable rubber, Prevents slips and falls.

Marble Top Anti-Fatigue Mat

Extra thick marbleized mat ensures long life. Industrial Mats increase productivity and reduce discomfort for people who stand at counters and teller stations for long periods of time and their puncture resistance far exceeds comparable rubber products by up to 90%

  • Beveled edges
  • Marbleized color to fir your décor
  • Resistant to aging and rough use
  • Great for hair salons, taller stations, copiers, service counters and more

rubber kitchen anti-fatigue mat for restaurants
Modular Drainage Mat

This mat is one of the best drainage anto-fatigue mat and is available in two rubber compounds: 1. Grease resistant- for use around leaking mechanical tool cutting fluids and 2. Grease proof- Nitrile Rubber for use around grease, chemicals and caustic agents.

  • Made of resilient rubber in a variety of colors that reduces standing worker fatigue.
  • Versatile 3’ x 3’ single workstation mats with ½” overall thickness.
  • Unique connector strips require no attachment devices and allows flexibility.
  • Multi-nib bottom adds comfort while enhancing drainage.

Water Hog Diamond Cord Mats

These scraper mats are the most aggressive door mats in the industry. Due to their diamond pattern, these entrance floor mats are very effective at scraping shoes clean of dirt, debits and moisture.

  • Water dam border that can hold up to 1.5 gallons/square yard of water.
  • Green friendly rubber backing has 20% recycled rubber.
  • Dries quickly and provides a slip-resistant surface even when wet.
  • Choose among 4 different colors.

Water hog Impressions

Waterhog Impression custom logos are made from a high quality durable nylon. These custom logo mats feature a high quality rich image of your logo printed directly to the fabric.
Each custom logo mat is carefully crafted with attractive fabric “water dam” border that hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard. These custom logo mats are great for entrance ways.

  • Holds water, dirt and mud as no other mat does.
  • Raised nubs texture
  • An ideal logo solution for entrances
  • Print up to 17 colors